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Striving to meet the needs of car & gun enthusiasts one part at a time.
  1. BulletCall  or email Scott Owens using contact information at the right. (credit cards, cashiers check, money order)

  2. BulletWe are now accepting PayPal payments but you must also have a PayPal account to use this feature.

  3. BulletTo order using PayPal, you must first call us at 864-907-4751 or email us at scott@palmettoenterprises.net  for a correct total (chemical + shipping amount). Once you get that total, simply go to the Paypal website at www.paypal.com. When prompted for the email address, enter our address (palmettoenterprises@gmail.com).  This will allow you to send the quoted payment to the PayPal account.  Please call if you have any problems!!  Thanks for ordering!!

To order you will need to provide the following

  1. Bullet Type and amount of chemical desired.

  2. Bullet  Physical mailing address.

  3. Bullet  Phone number to reach in case of questions.

  4. Bullet  If ordering by credit card, you will need to have the credit card number, expiration date, and 3 digit verification code ready.

  5. Bullet  For orders of 4 or more, bulk rate pricing is available


Two Ways to Order!

Contact us

Scott Owens



Two sizes available

  1. -Quart size

  2. -Pint size

  3. -Available in both Manganese and Zinc!


*Owned and Operated by the Owens Group LLC.  We are not affiliated with Palmetto Enterprises LLC.

Quart Size

Actual size 34oz

Zinc: $35.00

Manganese: $34.00

Pint Size

Actual Size 17oz

Zinc: $20.50

Manganese: $20.00